Change of use

Do you want to change how you use your land or building? Maybe you want to transform a cafe into a gym, for instance. If so you may need to submit a planning permit application for change of use.

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Planning regulations outline how you can use land and buildings, ensuring that any developments or activities are appropriate for the area. For example, regulations would most likely prevent you from turning a house in a quiet street into a night club.

Do I need a Planning Permit for change of use?

This depends on the zoning of the land and any works you are proposing. The Glen Eira Planning Scheme applies zones to every property in the City.

To determine if you need a Planning Permit, you can:

  • check the zoning and overlays of the site on the VicPlan website
  • read the text in the Glen Eira Planning Scheme to determine if a planning permit is required.

If you're still not sure if you need a permit, call us on 9524 3333.

What do I include in my change of use application?

You must apply online for change of use.

So we can process your application efficiently, please ensure you provide:

  • payment of the relevant application fee (see our fees page for more information).
  • a Certificate of Title produced within the last 90 days. To get a Certificate of Title, call Land Victoria on 8636 2456 or order it online from the Land Data website.
  • a site plan at a scale of 1:100 or 1:200; and
  • floor and elevation plans showing (where appropriate):
    • the location and layout of the existing buildings on the site
    • the location and layout of the existing buildings on adjoining properties, including the location of external windows, doors and outdoor areas
    • how close the site is to residential properties, including details of residential doors, windows and outdoor areas within nine metres of the site
    • the current use of all areas of the site
    • any existing car parking.
  • one copy of the proposed floor plan showing the:
    • proposed use for the site
    • location and layout of the proposed buildings on the site
    • location of all car parking and dimensions of parking spaces (if applicable).
  • a written submission that explains and justifies your proposal.

If you also need planning permission for other related activities, such as proposed works or advertising signs, it's best to include them all in the one application. Different applications need different information, so check the relevant guidelines or call us on 9524 3333 for help.



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