Pay or appeal a planning infringement

Have you received a planning infringement notice from us? You have the choice of either paying the fine or appealing our decision.

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Paying a planning infringement notice

There are several ways to pay your planning infringement:

  • online: pay via our ePathway site
  • phone: call our Service Centre on 9524 3333 to pay with a credit or debit card
  • mail: send a cheque or money order to PO Box 42 Caulfield South VIC 3162 (please do not send cash in the mail).
  • in person: visit our Service Centre at Glen Eira Town Hall (before the due date), on the corner of Hawthorn and Glen Eira Roads, Caulfield.

Appealing a planning infringement notice

To contest a planning infringement notice, you must appeal in writing. 

Please ensure you complete all sections of the form so we can process your appeal. This includes any documents that support your grounds for review (if applicable).

There are several ways to submit your form and any supporting documents:

  • Online
  • email:
  • mail: PO Box 42 Caulfield South VIC 3162
  • in person: Glen Eira Town Hall, corner Glen Eira and Hawthorn Roads, Caulfield

Once we receive your application for internal review, your infringement goes on hold. This means you won't incur any more costs until after we advise you in writing of our decision - even if the original due date for payment passes during the review.

The Infringements Act 2006 states that only one review is allowed per infringement.

How long will the review take?

The Infringements Act 2006 states that we must make a decision within 90 days, but it usually takes us three to six weeks to process your application. 

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