How to make a submission

Anyone with an interest in a planning application has the right to make a submission. Your submission can support or object to an application, and we must consider all submissions before making our decision.

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How to support or object

You usually lodge submissions during the minimum 14-day period when the application is advertised.

Your submission must be in writing and include your:

  • name
  • postal address
  • phone number and email address
  • reason for supporting or objecting to the application.

To lodge your submission online, visit our online planning portal, enter the application number (eg. GE/PP-12345/2000) and select the Submission button.

Is my submission available to the public?

Anyone can inspect your submission during office hours. We may also give a copy of your submission to the applicant, if requested, so they can consider and review it as part of the planning process.

Will I hear about my submission?

We'll notify you if the application is to be the subject of a public meeting, whether it be a Delegated Planning Forum or a planning conference and Council meeting. We'll also notify you of our planning decision.

You can also contact the planner at any stage to talk about your submission and you can check the progress of the application on the Planning Register.

My privacy

For more information about our privacy policy, including your right to access information collected as part of your objection, contact our privacy officer on 9524 3333.