Planning Scheme Update — C220glen

What is Amendment C220 about?

Amendment C220 proposes changes to the Glen Eira Planning Scheme in two areas. These include a revision of the local policies in the Scheme, to reflect strategies recently endorsed by Council including the Open Space Strategy (Refresh), Integrated Transport Strategy, City Plan, Parking Policy and Environmental Sustainability Strategy, now replaced by our Climate Emergency Response Strategy. The revision aims to ensure that local policies are up-to-date.

Amendment C220 also proposes changes to the structure of the Scheme, amending how information is set out. This formatting change reflects reforms introduced through the State Government's Smart Planning program that aim to ensure all planning schemes are clearer and easier for everyone to understand.

A Planning Panel Hearing was held on 15 May 2022.

The Panel Report has now been received and can be viewed below:

The Amendment was considered at the 9 August 2022 ordinary Council meeting and adopted. To view the agenda and minutes, visit the Ordinary Council Meeting Tuesday 9 August 2022 webpage.

The Amendment has been submitted to the Planning Minister for final consideration, and Council is awaiting an outcome.