Residential parking permits

If your street is in a time restricted parking area of over an hour, you maybe be able to apply for a residential parking permit.

The residential parking permits are changing from 1 July 2022. To find out how these changes affect current permit holders, visit our Changes to residential parking permits page.  

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Current permit holders

Current permits remain valid and you do not need to renew or reapply at this time. Council will advise permit holders when re-application is required and provide instructions on how this can be done see the below table as a guide.

When do I need to reapply for my Residential Parking Permits?

Precinct When do I need to reapply? Number of permits permitted
Bus precinct 1 August 2022


Train precinct

1 September  2022

Tram precinct

1 October 2022


Tram and train precinct

21 November 2022


Please note, the Tram and Train precinct re-application date has been extended from 1 November 2022 to 21 November 2022. Residents will have additional time to apply to allow for the holiday period and existing permits will be accepted until 23 January 2023.

Permit precincts map

Number of permits allowed per household

The number of permits available to eligible households varies based on access to public transport as determined by Council’s Integrated Transport Strategy precincts. See the map above or read our Residential Parking Permit System Policy.

Precinct Description Number of permits permitted

Tram and train precinct

The neighbourhoods located within the northern half of Glen Eira experience excellent access to public transport with access to all three modes (train, tram and bus).


Tram precinct

The neighbourhoods located within the northern half of Glen Eira experience good access to public transport but are not located within walking distance of a train station.


Train precinct

The neighbourhoods are located within walking distance of the train network (Frankston Line and Cranbourne Dandenong Line).

Bus precinct The neighbourhoods located within the southeastern quarter of Glen Eira experience relatively poor access to public transport, with access to a limited bus network only


Note: regardless of property location, eligible households with no off-street parking may apply for an additional Residential Parking Permit at no cost equating to two (2) permits free of charge.

How to apply

Residential, visitor, visiting tradesperson and carers permits are currently free. From 1 July 2022 a $100 charge for a second residential permit will apply (concessions available). To find out how these changes affect current permit holders, visit our Changes to residential parking permits page.  

Can you apply for a permit?

You can apply for a permit if you:

  • live in a residential property in the City of Glen Eira
  • have parking restrictions outside your home
  • provide proof you live in the property.

You cannot apply if you live in a:

  • Property on our excluded property list.
  • Property constructed on or after 17 March 2020 and the number of dwellings on the site increased by more than 1.
  • Commercial or mixed-use, such as an apartment above a shop.

We do not provide permits for commercial properties, declared arterial roads, off-street car parks, ticketed parking areas or parking zones of 1 hour or less.

What you need

Before applying read our Residential Parking Permit System Policy.

With your application include one of the following:

  • a valid driver’s licence with your name and residential address
  • any connected gas or power service in your name, or an email/letter acknowledging the account set-up
  • a current signed tenancy agreement or bond lodgement receipt.

You cannot use: a Council rate notice; water rates notice; or contract of sale.

Apply now

When we receive your application, we will assess it. If it is successful we will mail out your permit in 10 days. Or we may request further information or refuse an application.

Types of permits

There are 5 types of residential parking permits.

Residential parking permit

These are yearly permits that can be used for any vehicle belonging to a household. They can be used for parking in your street/nearest intersecting streets. A maximum of two residential permits per eligible household are available. If your household does not have off-street parking or located in the south eastern area of Glen Eira (in the ‘bus’ transport precinct), you may be eligible for an additional permit.

Visitor parking permits

These are single-use passes that households can provide to their visitors to use for parking in their street/nearest intersecting streets. A book of 100 single-use visitor permits is available

Visiting tradesperson parking permits

These are single-use passes that households can provide to visiting tradespersons to use for parking in the street/nearest intersecting street. A book of 10 single-use tradesperson parking permits is available.

Group parking permit

These are temporary passes that households can provide to guests for an occasion, valid or two days and one night (a maximum of 48 hours) and able to be used in a households’ street and nearest intersecting streets.

Please note: a maximum of ten 10 group parking permits can be issued to a property at any one time. A maximum of five group parking permit applications can be made per property per calendar year.

Carers permit

These are available to households that require a visiting carer. They are issued to a household, for a resident to provide to any vehicle used by a visiting carer. To be eligible for a carers permit, a household must provide a copy of a carer card or companion card or appropriate documents from a government health body or medical professional indicating a need for long-term health care.

Carers permits are valid for one year and are free of charge. A maximum of two carers permits per household are available.

Special case permits

These are available at Council’s discretion for unique and special cases involving hardship.

Applicants are required to adhere to application requirements:

  • The applicant must have evidence of residence in the City of Glen Eira.
  • The applicant must have a letter from the appropriate government body indicating the need for special consideration for a compassionate parking permit.

Lost permits

If you have lost a permit or changed your address, contact or call our Parking and Safety team on 9524 3333.

Change of vehicle

If you have changed vehicles you do not need to tell us your new registration number. A permit holder may utilise a valid residential parking permit within any passenger vehicle.

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