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Residential parking permits

There are a range of ways to apply for a residential parking permit, including online.

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How do I apply?

Apply online

You can now apply for a new residential parking permit onlineOnly new applicants can apply online for a residential parking permit.

Before applying online, you must read our Residential parking permit conditions.

If you're renewing an existing permit, you must complete the application form below.

Complete our form 

To apply for a new permit or renew your existing permit, please complete our Residential Parking Permit Application Form (PDF, 99KB).

We reserve the right to introduce a fee for all residential parking permits. If a permit fee is applicable, it must accompany your permit application.

You’ll also need to provide proof that you live at the property. This can be any of the following:

  • a valid driver’s licence with your name and residential address
  • any connected gas or power service in your name, or an email/letter acknowledging the account set-up
  • a current signed tenancy agreement or bond lodgement receipt.

You cannot use any of the following:

  • council rates notice
  • water rates notice
  • contract of sale.

Email the form and proof of residency to parkingpermits@gleneira.vic.gov.au

Or you can mail them to:

Co-ordinator Parking and Safety
Glen Eira City Council
PO Box 42
Caulfield South VIC 3162

Am I eligible for a permit?

To be eligible for a parking permit, you must:

  • live in the City of Glen Eira and provide proof of residence (see above)
  • have parking restrictions outside your home

What does a permit entitle me to?

  • You can stand for unlimited periods, excluding periods prescribed of one hour or less in the street named. It does not allow vehicles to stand in statutorily prohibited areas.
  • We issue a maximum of three residential permits per property.
  • We may issue additional permits at our discretion, for a fixed fee.
  • Having a permit does not guarantee that you will have a parking space.

Are any locations or people excluded?

  • We reserve the right to:
  • We don’t issue permits for major commercial streets. If you live in a recognised commercial area with restrictions in place, you can only get a permit for the nearest adjacent street.
  • Permits are limited to eligible properties/occupants, not commercial properties/occupants.
  • You can’t transfer your residential permit to vehicles or people not named on the application form.
  • Members of Victoria Police and/or authorised Council officers may suspend the use of parking spaces.
  • If you park contrary to resident or disabled parking signs, or use permits contrary to their conditions, penalties may apply.

How do I manage my permit?

  • Permits are renewable in December of each year.
  • You must report lost permits to the Manager of Community Safety and Compliance.
  • You must affix your permit to the front of the windscreen above or beside the registration label, so it’s clearly visible from the outside of the vehicle.
  • Visitors must place permits in a clearly visible location on the left-hand side of the dashboard.
  • You must advise the Parking & Safety Department if you’re moving from the dwelling.

What are the Residential Parking Permit conditions?

  • Permits must be displayed on the windscreen of the vehicle, so that the number is clearly visible.
  • Permits are only valid for the street named in the approval letter.
  • Permits must not be photocopied or sold.
  • If permits are no longer required they must be returned to Council.
  • Park in accordance with the Road Safety Road Rules 2017.

What if I breach my permit’s conditions?

  • If you act contrary to the stated conditions, we may cancel your permit.

Only legitimate visitors can use visitor’s permits. Misuse of this privilege may result in cancellation of your permit.


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