Parking permits

If your street is in a time-restricted parking area of one hour or more, you could apply for a residential parking permit.

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ePermits — A new way of managing parking permits

We've changed how we issue parking permits in Glen Eira. Our new ePermits system is live and will speed up approvals and eliminate the possibility of permit counterfeiting and lost permits. We will no longer issue physical, printed permits.

As we change systems, if your residential parking permit expires in December 2023, you can use it until 31 January 2024. If your residential parking permit expires in January 2024, you can use it until 29 February 2024. Letters will be sent shortly to residents with permits expiring in January 2024 outlining how to apply for ePermits, but residents are welcome to register and apply for any ePermits now. 

Vehicles displaying these permits will not be issued with parking infringements.

Please read the information below to learn how to apply for and manage your permits. For more information, contact us on 9524 3333.

Can I get a parking permit?

You can get a permit if you:

  • live in a residential property in the City of Glen Eira
  • have parking restrictions outside your home
  • provide proof you live in the property.

You cannot get a permit if you live in a:

  • Property on our excluded property list.
  • Property constructed on or after 17 March 2020 and the number of dwellings on the site increased by more than 1.
  • Commercial or mixed-use, such as an apartment above a shop.

We do not provide permits for commercial properties, declared arterial roads, off-street car parks, ticketed parking areas or parking zones of less than one (1) hour.

We issue two types of parking permits:

  • Residential parking permits
  • Single-use parking permits (previously ‘visitor and visiting tradesperson’ parking permits).

Residential permits

Residential parking allow you to park in residential-permit zones. These permits offer residents more flexibility to park near their property, but do not guarantee a parking space nearby.

Residential parking permits allow you to park on:

  • your residential street, or the nearest nominated, adjacent street if they live in a recognised commercial area with restrictions or a road with no existing on-street parking or existing clearways
  • the nearest streets that intersect the permit street from the eligible household (as shown in the diagram).

Single-use permits

Single-use permits are for short-term visitors. They are available only to residents eligible for residential parking permits and issued as a digital coupon book of 110 permits for use in 12 months. These permits allow visitors to park in residential permit zones.

How many permits can I apply for?

The number of permits available to eligible households varies based on access to public transport as determined by our Integrated Transport Strategy precincts. See the map above or read our Residential Parking Permit System Policy.

Precinct Description Number of permits permitted

Tram and train precinct

The neighbourhoods located within the northern half of Glen Eira experience excellent access to public transport with access to all three modes (train, tram and bus).


Tram precinct

The neighbourhoods located within the northern half of Glen Eira experience good access to public transport but are not located within walking distance of a train station.


Train precinct

The neighbourhoods are located within walking distance of the train network (Frankston Line and Cranbourne Dandenong Line).

Bus precinct The neighbourhoods located within the southeastern quarter of Glen Eira experience relatively poor access to public transport, with access to a limited bus network only


Note: regardless of property location, eligible households with no off-street parking may apply for an additional Residential Parking Permit at no cost equating to two (2) permits free of charge.

Permit precincts map

How much do permits cost?

The first residential parking permit for an eligible property is issued free of charge.

A second residential parking permit will cost $100, or $50 with a concession card. A third residential parking permit (where eligible) will cost $150, or $75 with a concession card.

To claim the concession-card discount, you must provide evidence that you hold a current valid Commonwealth-issued Pensioner Concession Card or Veteran's Affairs Gold Card TPI/War Widow.

What will I need to apply for a parking permit?

Before applying read our Residential Parking Permit System Policy.

To apply for a residential parking permit, you will need the following:

  • valid email address
  • credit or debit card if you are applying for a second (or third) residential parking permit at your property
  • concession card if you are claiming the reduced concession fee

You will also need to supply documentation proving that you currently reside at the eligible property.

Proof of residency can be one of the following:

  • Victorian driver's licence (with your current address)
  • lease agreement or bond receipt
  • gas or electricity bill, in your name, for the property.

You cannot use: a Council rate notice, water utility bill, or property contract of sale.

How do I apply for a permit?

You can apply through our digital parking permit system, ePermits. All parking permits will be digital ePermits and must be connected to a vehicle registration number.

We no longer issue physical permits that need to be displayed inside your vehicle.

Do I need to register to use ePermits?

Yes. ePermits is powered by PayStay. You may already use the PayStay mobile app to pay for parking in paid parking areas within Glen Eira and other municipalities. If you already have a PayStay account, you do not have to register again to use ePermits

If you don’t have a PayStay account and just want an account to apply for ePermits with Glen Eira, please visit Register for Glen Eira ePermits. You will need a valid email address to create an account.

Please note that an ePermits-only account can't be used to pay for paid parking in Glen Eira or other municipalities. You need a standard PayStay account to do that. You can create a standard PayStay account for use within the PayStay mobile app at

Apply for a parking permit

Logging into ePermits for the first time to apply for a parking permit:

  1. Log into ePermits using your username and password
  2. Click on your email address at the top right hand side of the screen and select “User Profile”
  3. Enter your address. Ineligible addresses will be rejected by the system
  4. If you hold a valid concession card you can also tick the box shown. (This will only be applicable if you plan to apply for a second, paid permit)
  5. Click “Save” to exit your profile
  6. On the left-hand side of the screen select choose the type of permit you wish to apply for.
  7. If you are applying for a residential permit, choose either “First Resident Permit” or “Second Resident Permit” from the Permit Type drop downfield
    Please note that you cannot apply for a second residential permit until the first permit has been reviewed and approved
  8. Provide the information requested including your vehicle registration number, your proof of residency and concession (if applicable)
  9. Click the “Submit” button to finalise your application and make payment (if applicable).

When will my parking permit arrive?

Your application will be reviewed by a Council officer within 5 to 7 business days. If approved, you will receive a confirmation email and your ePermit will become active.

You do not have to display a physical permit on your dashboard. Our parking-enforcement officers can search your vehicle registration number to confirm that your vehicle has a valid permit.

How do single-use permits work?

Each eligible property is entitled to a digital coupon book of 110 single-use permits every 12 months. This coupon book is created and attached automatically to your property when your first residential parking permit is approved. You can also apply for the digital coupon book separately.

To use the single-use permits, you will need to log into the ePermit system and provide the vehicle registration number of each vehicle that will need coverage and the date that the single-use permit/s will be required.

Use a single-use permit

  1. Log into ePermits using your username and password
  2. Select “Single Use Permits” on the left hand side menu
  3. Select “Single Use Permit” in the Permit Type drop down field
  4. Enter the vehicle registration of the car you need the permit for and select when you want the permit for by clicking on the calendar until the date turns blue:
  5. Click “Submit” to finalise the permit. Repeat this as many times as necessary (if you require multiple permits for multiple cars for the same day). Permits are automatically approve once they are submitted.

How do I update my permit or provide further information

Update the vehicle registration for your permit

If you change vehicles you will need to update your ePermit:

  1. Log into ePermits
  2. using your username and password
  3. Select the permit to update by clicking on the permit number
  4. Select the current vehicle registration (so is highlighted) and click “Edit”
  5. Enter the new vehicle registration number and click “OK”. You will receive a confirmation email showing that the change has been made and that the permit now applies to the new vehicle registration.

Updating your address within Glen Eira

If you move addresses within Glen Eira and need parking permits at your new address, you will need to change the address against your ePermit account. This will automatically cancel any permits in your name at your old address. Permits are not transferrable between properties.

To update you address:

  1. Log into ePermits using your username and password
  2. Click on your email address at the top right hand side of the screen and select “User Profile”
  3. Enter your new Glen Eira address. Ineligible addresses will be rejected by the system
  4. Click “Save” to exit your profile. You will receive the following message if you have active permits. Tick the box and click “Yes” to finalise the address change.

When does my ePermit expire?

Residential ePermits expire every 12 months however you will no longer need to renew your permit each year, with the expiry date rolling over automatically.

Second or third permits will not renew automatically. Permit holders will receive a renewal email one month before the expiry date explaining how to make payment and renew the permit (if it still required).

Your permit will be cancelled automatically if you move within Glen Eira (and update your address in the ePermit system) or when new tenants move into the property and all existing parking permits are cancelled.

For more information about parking permits, contact our Parking and Safety team on 9524 3333

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