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Making the most of data analytics

Google Analytics might seem intimidating, but it’s a valuable business tool once you understand what it does and how it works. The data it provides can help businesses develop strategies based on trends and make decisions on where to spend marketing budget. Yet many people either don’t know about the data that Google Analytics provides, or may feel overwhelmed by it.

This digital masterclass will help you understand what website traffic data and metrics are about, and how analysing user behaviour on your website can help your business.

Watch: Making the most of data analytics

Key takeaways

  • What are analytics? In digital marketing, analytics refers to measuring and drawing conclusions about user behaviour. In short: acting on information about customer behaviour on your website.
  • Google Analytics can help with all kinds of business decisions. Knowing what website visitors do, what pages they do (or don’t) click on, what brought them to your site, and other decisions can lead to better business decisions.
  • Analytics can provide very specific data. For instance, knowing what marketing channel (was it email or Google?) sent you the most visitors can help inform where to allocate marketing budget.
  • What does analytics data look like? The data can be as simple or detailed as needed. It can vary from one metric (like traffic to a single web page) to comprehensive analysis about which channels provide the most revenue.
  • How to get started with Google Analytics: While the learning curve may seem steep, a multitude of instructional videos and beginner’s tutorials are available online.


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