Keeping up with the social media networks

Where should small business owners start when choosing from the dozens of social media platforms on the market? Do you need a TikTok? Is Snapchat still relevant? What is a social media challenge?

The world of social media networks is wide, wild and ever changing. This webinar explores some of the most influential networks that have emerged in recent years, and draws out useful insights that you can use to improve how you use social media to meet your business objectives.

Watch: Keeping up with the social media networks

Key takeaways

  • Stay up to date with the world of social media. While it isn't wise for small businesses to jump on every new social media platform, staying up to date with what is trending in social media provides insights into audience interests. It can also kickstart your own creative content development.
  • Simple is sometimes best. TikTok is a shining example of the internet’s appetite for authentic, unpolished content.
  • Novelty works. And sells. Snapchat is a lesson in the power of novelty and demonstrates the value of transient (that is, temporary) content creation spaces on the internet.
  • Many people love curated content. Curation plays a key role in constructing our virtual identities, and Pinterest is a popular place to do it.
  • Don’t underestimate niche interest. Twitch’s video game livestreaming is a lesson in the popularity and demand for niche subjects.


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