Five ways to build your Facebook audience

Almost every business can benefit from having a Facebook presence. As the most popular social media platform in Australia, Facebook is a powerful marketing tool that offers the opportunity to engage with both new and established audiences. This masterclass provides an overview of how Facebook works, and discusses best practices for using the platform.

Watch: Five ways to build your Facebook audience

Key takeaways

  • Facebook is more than an advertising and promotional tool. Facebook is a quick, easy and widely available communications channel that enables consumers to interact directly with businesses.
  • Social media is predominantly accessed on mobile devices. User behaviour is shaped by the device content is accessed on.
  • 85% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound. This is why it is so important to include subtitles when creating video content for social media. 
  • Success on Facebook requires consistent content posting. The platform prioritises some types of content (Facebook Live streams and directly uploaded video) over others.
  • Only around 5% of your audience will see each post. The Facebook algorithm predicts and decides which posts are more valuable and meaningful, making it more important to post content that people engage with.

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