Become your own content marketing expert

When it is done properly, content is the most powerful organic marketing tool out there. This masterclass will take you through how to craft effective and engaging content for a wide range of digital platforms.

Watch: Become your own content marketing expert

Key takeaways

  • When done right, content is a powerful organic marketing tool. Great content can build strong relationships with customers; draw in new audiences and play a key role in distinguishing your brand. Search engines like Google also love sending people to good content.
  • There are four major types of content: 
    1. Long form content like blogs, white papers, articles and media releases.
    2. Short form content like posts, tweets and LinkedIn updates.
    3. Images like pictures, memes, infographics and product shots.
    4. Rich content like videos, gifs, games and even interactive maps.
  • To create effective content, you need to have a clear idea of audience and purpose in mind: 
    1. An audience could be any of the following: a new audience; existing followers; repeat purchasers; first-time purchasers; loyal customers; industry peers; etc.
    2. A specific purpose might be brand awareness; growing followers or likes; creating leads and converting them into sales; increasing clicks, shares, comments or enquiries; increasing downloads etc.
  • There are three key engagement tactics: entertaining audiences; educating audiences; and agitating audiences. 
  • Successful content needs to conform to the style conventions of the platform it's published on. Download the content marketing fact sheet for small business for a detailed breakdown of the different content needs of each platform.


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