Business and Economy Advisory Committee

The Business and Economy Advisory Committee is a newly formed group designed to help Council create local business support policies.  

Glen Eira has a new Business and Economy Advisory Committee 

The GEBEAC is a group of local business owners, occupiers and managers who are shaping the way Council supports local businesses and plans for the future.

Expressions of interest for 2022 committee are now closed.

What does GEBEAC do?

The GEBEAC is a group that meets four times per year to identify and help Council plan for the needs of the Glen Eira business community now and into the future.

The GEBEAC operates in an advisory role that includes:

  • Helping to direct Council’s ongoing COVID-19 response to support local businesses;
  • Discussing the types of services that would benefit local businesses to be sustainable;
  • Providing information and feedback to Council on current business activities and trends in the local economy and the impact on businesses;
  • Identifying opportunities for Council to attract business investment;
  • Developing relationships between various business sectors with Council to foster collaboration and information sharing;
  • Advocating to Council on behalf of the individual business sectors represented and identify when tailored action is required;
  • Provide feedback to Council on proposed projects and activities; and
  • Provide feedback on business support mechanisms and initiatives in place and proposed by Council.

GEBEAC meetings are held every few months for about two hours. It is a great way to engage with your community, learn about Council and make a difference.

Download a copy of the Glen Eira Business and Economy Advisory Committee — Terms of Reference 

If you would like to learn more about the committee and its activities, please contract the City Economy and Place Making Team at