Carnegie Structure Plan 2022

The Carnegie Structure Plan 2022 is a 15-year plan to manage growth and improvement for the Carnegie activity centre.

The Structure Plan enables us to plan for the population increase by accommodating new development with defined heights and setbacks while maintaining the historic character of the centre as its principal architectural feature.

The Carnegie Structure Plan 2022 replaces the Carnegie Structure Plan 2018–2031.

Local and state Governments can use structure plans to make decisions about developments, investments and infrastructure improvements. They can also help community members and developers understand what change is expected and allowed in certain areas.

Download the Carnegie Structure Plan 2022 [PDF 30Mb]

The vision of the Structure Plan includes:

“Carnegie to be a safe, connected and welcoming centre that embraces its authentic urban character and cultural identity. The centre will be a destination for entertainment, shopping and employment, and support a range of businesses and interconnected community spaces that meet the needs of the local community, providing a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable future.”

The Structure Plan delivers on Council’s response to the climate emergency. In land use terms, it provides for sustainable growth by enabling higher density growth closer to shops, services and public transport. The Structure Plan also supports additional office and retail spaces that allows people to live closer to where they work, or work in a location with good public transport access.

In terms of tree canopy and urban cooling, it proposes a streetscape masterplan that will look at all opportunities to increase the tree canopy and increase water sensitive urban design.

In transport terms, increased development density close to good public transport reduces car dependence. The Structure Plan recognises the need for and supports improvements to the pedestrian environment to make walking a more attractive option. The Structure Plan will also improve cycling access to the centre.

The Structure Plan considers the centre’s future in relation to land use, sustainability, open space, heritage, transport and placemaking. It also delivers outcomes for Council in relation to other strategies, including Our Climate Emergency Response Strategy 2021–2025 (Dhumbali Wurrungi-Biik Parbin-Ata), the Integrated Transport Strategy, the Parking Strategy, the Urban Forest Strategy and the Open Space Strategy.

Current status

We adopted the updated Carnegie Structure Plan 2022 at our Council Meeting on 9 August 2022.

The Structure Plan and planning scheme amendment have now been submitted to the Minister for Planning for authorisation. Once we receive authorisation, the Structure Plan and planning scheme amendment will be exhibited to the community for a period of six weeks.

For more information on the plan, contact our City Futures Team on 9524 3333.