Published on 11 November 2020

Working for Victoria — helping our community respond to the pandemic

Glen Eira City Council is proud to be participating in the Working for Victoria (WFV) initiative.

Funded by the Victorian Government, the initiative has provided new employment opportunities for members of our community whose employment has been negatively impacted by COVID-19. These opportunities include:

  • Cleaning teams, that are playing a key role in helping our municipality stay clean and sanitised — regardless of the weather.
  • Support staff for local businesses impacted by the pandemic. Our WFV small business grants assistance officers have been assisting small businesses with grant applications. We have also employed marketing and promotion officers, as well as social media and web officers to help local businesses to grow and develop their online capabilities during and after the pandemic.
  • Community safety officers, who are actively engaging with the Glen Eira community. Their key role is to provide reassurance and education to members of our community to ensure that COVID-19 restrictions are being adhered to, as well as report any issues they have seen.

We have also employed gardeners, maintenance crew, painters and carpenters to help us deliver our existing planned works across our parks and open spaces.

These are just a few ways the Work for Victoria program is supporting our residents, community and businesses during these times. Over the coming months, we plan to continue to support our municipality in our response to the pandemic and beyond. If you would like some further information about the WFV initiative, email

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