Published on 10 December 2019

Watch Around Water Program

Pools can be a potentially dangerous environment — that's why safety is our greatest concern. Glen Eira Leisure (GEL) has developed a strong partnership with Life Saving Victoria, with the aim to make our pools a safe environment so you can enjoy your experience worry free.

To assist with safety, GEL strictly enforces the national Watch Around Water supervision policy.

From Monday 16 December, children under 10 who attend Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre or Carnegie Swim Centre will be required to wear a coloured wristband based on their age. Children under five years will be issued with a pink wristband and children aged between five and 10 must wear a yellow wristband.

Children aged 10 or older are not required to wear a wristband, however parents must use their knowledge of the child's swimming ability to determine the level of accompaniment required.

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