Published on 08 February 2017

FAQs — State Government’s proposal above the Ormond Station

Frequently Asked Questions on the State Government’s proposal above the Ormond Station.

1. What is the State Government’s proposal above the Ormond Station?

The State Government is proposing to change the planning controls above Ormond Station to allow for a future development proposal. The Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA) has prepared a Planning Scheme Amendment for the land.

The Amendment proposes to rezone the land from a Public Use Zone to a Comprehensive Development Zone, and make changes to the Glen Eira Planning Scheme to allow for a 13-storey building development on the site.

Details of the proposed Amendment can be found online at

2. Will the community have the chance to comment on the State Government’s Ormond proposal?

The proposed State Government Planning Scheme Amendment to allow for the future development above Ormond Station was on exhibition until Friday 9 December, with Council and members of the public able to lodge submissions about the Amendment. A directions hearing was held on Tuesday 20 December. Following the hearing the committee made the following directions:

A Public Hearing was held over nine days from Monday 13 February at:

Planning Panels Victoria
Ground Floor
1 Spring Street

  • If you have questions about the draft planning controls, please contact the LXRA on 1800 762 667 or email
  • If you have questions about the planning scheme amendment process, please contact the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning on (03) 8392 5572 or email

3. What is the process for the State Government’s Ormond proposal?

The State Government Minister for Planning is the decision-maker. Community consultation for the project concluded in December 2016. Following on from consultation, the Minister’s Advisory Committee held a public hearing, where verbal submissions were heard in February 2017.

The Committee will provide a recommendation for the Minister’s consideration (within 28 days of the hearing concluding), and taking all submissions into account. The Committee’s recommendations are only made public when the Minister decides to release them publicly – there is no statutory deadline. The Minister will then make a decision on the proposed Amendment.

4. What is Council’s position on the State Government’s Ormond proposal?

Council is not a decision-maker on this matter. Council has made a formal submission in regards to the Ormond proposal. The submission was adopted by Council at the Ordinary Council Meeting of 29 November 2016. The submission considers the built form of any future development and how it will integrate with the surrounding Ormond Shopping Centre, neighbourhood and community. Review has been undertaken on the economic, urban design, open space and transport impacts and opportunities that the proposed development may present.

Council’s November submission is available to view below:

Council submission — Ormond Development Amendment

The Council meeting minutes are available to view below:

Council meeting minutes — 29 November 2016

An updated submission (February 2017) is available to view below:

Ormond Value Capture Planning Scheme Amendment Submission

Additional supporting documents available to view:

Council’s expert urban design advice

Council’s expert traffic and transport advice

Council’s expert economic advice part one

Council’s expert economic advice part two

Council’s formal decision will be presented to the Victorian Transport Projects Advisory Committee for consideration.

5. Why is the State Government able to change the Glen Eira Planning Scheme?

The Planning Minister is the ultimate authority in relation to all planning schemes in Victoria. This means that the Minister is able to make changes to the Glen Eira Planning Scheme, however in doing so should also take into consideration Council’s views. Council will make a submission on the proposed Amendment.

6. How will the proposal above Ormond Station affect local traffic and bus routes?

The LXRA have submitted a Traffic Impact Assessment in their supporting documentation. However, Council in its submission are concerned about the potential increase in traffic to the local road network and potential impacts upon the shared use path on Katandra Road. Council will be submitting expert evidence from a Traffic Engineer at the Standing Advisory Committee to support their submission.

For information about the draft planning controls, please contact the LXRA on 1800 762 667 or email

7. How will the State Government’s proposal above Ormond Station affect Ormond Shopping Centre on North Road?

The State Government has submitted a Retail Need & Economic Impact Assessment with its supporting documentation. Council intends on reviewing this document in time for the Public Hearing. As a community member you can access this document at the following link: Retail Need & Economic Impact Assessment

8. Is parking included in the Ormond proposal?

The proposed Schedule 1 to the Comprehensive Development Zone proposes car parking rates for any future development on the site. However, it is also important to note that when assessing the planning permit, the Minister for Planning is able to vary the parking requirements.

9. What timing is proposed for construction of the Ormond development if it is approved?

If the Minister for Planning approves the Amendment as proposed, a planning permit application will follow on from that amendment. After a permit is issued there is no stipulated requirement for the commencement of works.

10. How many apartments are proposed, and is car parking included in the proposed Ormond development?

At this stage, only the proposed Planning Scheme Amendment has been made public. If the Amendment is approved, building design and concepts including apartment and parking details would then be developed.

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