Published on 12 March 2021

Lighting up orange for Harmony Week

Glen Eira City Council is lighting up orange for Harmony Week, 15 to 21 March. It's a time to celebrate multiculturalism and the many benefits it brings our community. 

Our cultural diversity is one of our greatest strengths. Why orange? Harmony Week is recognised by this colour because it represents social communication and meaningful conversations. It also relates to the freedom of ideas and encouragement of mutual respect.

Harmony Week has been celebrated across Australia for over 20 years. It concludes every year on the 21 March, which marks the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Harmony Week is a time to celebrate multiculturalism, and the successful integration of migrants into our community. We are part of one of the most successful multicultural countries in the world and we should celebrate this and work to maintain it. Harmony Week is about inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural or linguistic background, united by a set of core Australian values.

You can find out about celebrations around Australia and register your own event on the Federal Government's Harmony Week website.

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