Published on 21 December 2020

Keeping safe this summer

Summer is a busy time in Glen Eira and we all welcome the longer days and warmer weather that it brings.

While summer is a chance to catch up with family, friends and neighbours, it also brings additional safety risks.

Glen Eira Mayor Cr Margaret Esakoff said extreme heat kills more Australians than any other natural disaster — and it can affect anybody.

“Some of our community members can be more vulnerable in the heat. This includes older adults living alone, people with a medical condition, pregnant women, and young children and babies,” she said.

“On days of extreme temperatures, it’s important to plan ahead to reduce the risk of ill health from the heat.

“If anyone you know is likely to be at risk during a heatwave, help them get the advice and support they need.

“Keep in touch with friends and family who may need help and try to call or visit them at least once on any extreme heat day.”

Summertime also poses the greatest risk to children (and furry friends) locked in cars. Although most parents know about the dangers of leaving children in cars, accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime — especially given the sophisticated locking technology used in some modern vehicles.

To help avoid accidentally locking your children in a car, Council urges parents to have an easy way to hold onto your keys, such as a lanyard.

We also encourage you to:

  • wind windows down before children get in the car, so you can access the locks if needed;
  • never give your keys to children to play with; and
  • avoid distractions, such as your phone, when loading the car.

For further information about staying healthy in the heat, visit

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