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Published on 17 June 2019

Keep your family safe this winter: check your heating units

Many people only associate fire dangers with the hotter summer months, but home fires are also a real risk to Victorians during the cooler months.

In winter, we tend to spend more time inside and use more electrical appliances such as heaters.

Firefighters are urging caution after a ducted heating system recently sparked a blaze in Clayton.

The fire began in the heating unit and spread quickly through the ducts in the ceiling, setting the roof alight and causing it to collapse.

The fire is a timely reminder to all community members and highlights the importance of getting heating systems properly maintained and regularly serviced by a qualified tradesperson.

Glen Eira Mayor Cr Jamie Hyams said when your heater is not being used, it is common for dust to build up and block filters.

“If ducts, filters and fans are not cleaned regularly, this can aid the rapid spread of a fire within the house or building or pollute the area with dangerous gases,” Cr Hyams said.

“To avoid this, it is imperative that the entire system, including ducts, filters and fans are thoroughly cleaned prior to using your heater.”

Energy Safe Victoria recommends servicing all gas heaters a minimum of every two years to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from faulty or underserviced units. This applies to every type of gas heater, including wall units, central heating units, and space heaters — whether they are old or new appliances.


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