Published on 15 February 2021

Getting ahead of the storm

Council provides service excellence to our residents in getting ahead of the storms. Council’s reactive and proactive drainage programs not only serve our residents’ immediate needs but help to prevent future flooding by having a drainage network in optimum condition to cope with extreme weather events.

From retrieving lost keys and mobile phones from stormwater pits, to clearing tree roots from underground pipes, our Works Depot can attend to a variety of drainage issues in an effective manner.

Glen Eira Mayor Cr Margaret Esakoff said drainage is a complex business in the City of Glen Eira, with hundreds of kilometres of underground pipes.

“We take your concerns seriously and offer an excellent service from just one call,” she said.

“Our fleet comprises of two state-of-the-art combination jetting/suction trucks and a designated crane truck for prompt pit lid replacement.

“One truck responds to residents’ requests, such as a pipe or pit that may be blocked. Spinning blades and high-pressure water are then used to clear roots from the pipes.

“The second truck goes through a rotation of 900 critical pits, checking them for condition and blockages to ensure they have 100 per cent capacity when heavy rain occurs.”

To report flooding or blocked stormwater drains, contact our Customer Service Team on 9524 3333. You can also report an incident via Snap Send Solve, a free app which is available from the App Store and Google Play.

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