Published on 16 November 2020

Free virtual Activities Day

To celebrate International Day of People with Disability, Glen Eira Leisure is hosting a free virtual Activities Day on Thursday 3 December.

International Day of People with Disability is part of a worldwide celebration that occurs on 3 December every year. The day brings together individuals, businesses, community organisations and governments to celebrate and acknowledge the contributions, skills and achievements of people with a disability.

The following sessions will be live streamed from 10am to 1pm via

The sessions suit all abilities and you can join in from the comfort of your lounge room.

Fast and Furious: 10am–10.30am
If you're energetic and able to follow minimal directions, this class is for you. It's a group fitness workout that combines weights, cardio, movement, music and lots of fun!

Wheelie Fit: 10.30am–11am
If you use a self-propelled wheelchair, this class is for you. It will develop your cardiovascular fitness, upper limb strength and co-ordination while working on your wheelchair skills and agility.

Mindfulness: 11am–11.30am
An introduction into the benefits of mindfulness —the practice of grounding your awareness in the present moment. Mindfulness is a useful practice for reducing stress and anxiety. If you have never tried mindfulness before then this is for you because we will aim to answer the following questions for you. What is mindfulness? Why do we do it? How do we do it?

Hot Wheels: 11.30am–12pm
If you require significant support and enjoy movement, this program is for you. It involves a number of fun, games-based activities, that work on your strength, co-ordination and flexibility.

Special Olympics: 12pm–12.30pm
A dynamic and inclusive exercise program that incorporates stretches and other movement-based activities with an option to use items around your house as weights. All movements are able to be performed both seated and standing.

Freestyle Dance: 12.30pm–1pm
Movement, music and fun. Get your dancing shoes on and get ready to burn some energy and sweat it out. Lots of different options will be provided so people of all abilities can participate.

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