Published on 10 August 2020

Family violence during COVID-19 — know the signs

Research shows in times of emergency, those in family violence situations are more at risk. For people who have already experienced family violence it can get worse, while for some it may happen for the first time.

No situation justifies abusive and violent behaviour and help is available. It’s important to know the signs of family violence, especially during COVID-19.

As well as physical violence, family violence can include any or all of the following:

  • Stopping you from communicating with loved ones outside the home.
  • Not giving you privacy to speak to your friends or family on the phone.
  • Controlling your movements such as going for a walk.
  • Refusing to drive you to an appointment.
  • Withholding money for essential items such as food, clothing, medicine or phone credit.
  • Taking away your phone or computer.
  • Losing their temper and blaming you or children for their anger.

If you are experiencing family violence or are afraid for your safety, be reassured there is help available. Council has produced a COVID-19 Community Relief and Recovery Support Directory, which focuses on service providers and organisations that can provide relief and assistance during the pandemic.


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