Residential parking permits

How do I apply?

Applications for new residential parking permits can be lodged online or via email mail or in person:


Click on the link below and complete your details. In the Request Type select “Residential Parking Permit (new applications only)”. 

Apply for a Residential Parking Permit (new applications only) Please submit one application per household with a maximum of three permits issued.

Conditions of the resident and visitor parking permit scheme as outlined in Council's Local Law and Council Policy 13.6(PDF, 69KB)

Remember to attach your proof of residency otherwise your application may be rejected. 

Via email, mail or in person

Complete this application form linked below and return it with proof that the applicant resides at the property (proof of residency).

Residential Permit Application Form(PDF, 169KB)

The application form and proof of residency can be forwarded via email to:

Or via post to:
Manager Community Safety and Compliance
Glen Eira City Council
PO Box 42
Caulfield South VIC 3162

Proof of residency

Council will accept the following documents as evidence that the applicant resides at the property:

  • a valid driver’s licence, in the name of the applicant, showing the residential address;
  • any connected gas or power service in the name and address of the applicant, or the email/letter acknowledging set up of a new account; or
  • a current and signed tenancy agreement or bond lodgement receipt.

The following documents cannot be used as proof of residency:

  • Council rates notice;
  • water rates notice; or
  • contract of sale.

Am I eligible for parking permit?

  • Any person who applies for a permit must be a resident of the City of Glen Eira.
  • The applicant must produce proof of occupancy of a dwelling.
  • Residential parking permits shall only be issued to residents who have parking restrictions outside their residence.
  • Where an applicant is the resident of a dwelling situated in a recognised commercial area and restrictions apply in that commercial area, any permits issued will be for the nearest adjacent street only.
  • The permit is limited to eligible residential properties/occupants only (not commercial properties/occupants).

Locations excluded from the Residential Parking Permit Scheme

  • No permits will be issued for the major streets of commercial areas within the municipality.
  • We reserve the right to exclude specific development from access to the scheme in particular locations.
  • We reserve the right to vary the parking permit scheme entitlements between different locations.

Council policy — 13.12 Exclusion of Specific Developments from the Residential Parking Permit Scheme(PDF, 352KB)
Locations that are excluded from the Residential Parking Permits Scheme(PDF, 412KB)

Permit entitlements

  • A maximum of three residential permits per property (any combination of residential permits and visitor permits) will be issued.
  • Additional permits may be issued to the resident at our discretion and will include a fee fixed by us.
  • Permits are renewable on the month of December each year.
  • The issue of a permit does not guarantee the availability of a parking space to the holder.
  • The issue of a permit allows the respective vehicle to be left standing for unlimited periods excluding periods prescribed of one hour or less in the street named. It does not allow any vehicle to be left standing in statutory prohibited areas. 

Offences and penalty

Any person who parks contrary to any resident parking sign or disabled parking sign or uses a permit contrary to the conditions under which it is issued shall be guilty of an offence. 

Permit information and conditions

  • The loss of a permit must be reported to the Manager of Parking and Prosecutions.
  • The permit must be affixed to the front of the windscreen above or beside the registration label in such a manner that is clearly visible from the outside of the vehicle. Visitor’s permits must be placed in a clearly visible location on the left-hand side of the vehicle’s dashboard.
  • A residential permit issued to a specific vehicle may not be transferred to another vehicle or to any person not named on the application form.
  • Only the person whose name appears on the application form and who continues to reside at the dwelling named on the application for the permit approved.
  • If a person holding the permit moves from the dwelling, the Traffic and Parking Department must be advised.
  • The use of parking spaces may be suspended by members of Victorian Police and/or by authorised Council officers.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw residential parking permits and/or visitor permits at any time.
  • Permit holders who act contrary to the stated conditions may have their permits cancelled by us.
  • Visitor permits may only be used by bona fide visitors to the residence and misuse of this privilege by permit holders may result in the cancellation of permits.
  • We reserve the right to introduce a permit fee for all residential parking permits.
  • If a permit fee is applicable, it must accompany the permit application.