Climate Conversations

Let’s create a climate for change together. All around Australia, communities are taking up the challenge of dealing with climate change.

Here in Glen Eira, both the community and Council are committed to strong climate action. This is reflected in our climate emergency declaration and our target of zero emissions by 2030 — but to reach this target, everyone has a role to play and we need your help.

We’ve launched an exciting new Climate Conversations program and have recruited a passionate group to become Climate Conversations facilitators. These facilitators will have conversations with their friends, family and wider community, where they will learn how to cut their carbon footprint and advocate for stronger climate action.


People are more likely to take action through conversations with people they trust. Climate Conversations uses the party plan model to facilitate discussions about climate change in people’s homes and among friends.

You can get involved by registering to join a conversation, hosting a conversation in your home, a library or café or online with your friends and family.

To register your interest in the program, simply fill out the form below.

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Any personal information you provide to Council in registering your interest will be used by Council to contact you about the Climate Conversations Program and to enrol you in training sessions. Your information will only be shared with Council staff responsible for administering the Climate Conversations program. If you would like to know more about privacy at Glen Eira City Council, including your right to access your personal information, please visit our Privacy page or contact Council’s privacy offer on 9524 3333.