Go renewable and electrify everything

Be part of a clean energy future by switching your home to be all-electric and powered by renewable energy.

From heating, cooling, hot water and cooking, to bikes and cars – all-electric options are healthy and cheaper to run. Combined with energy efficiency improvements to your home, you could save big on your energy bills.

Now’s the time to prepare so that when appliances and vehicles need replacing, you’re ready to make the switch. It doesn’t need to be all at once.

Changing our energy use at home can make a big impact on our carbon emissions. Around 80% of the Glen Eira community’s carbon emissions come from the use of fossil-fuel based electricity (56%) and gas (24%) in homes and businesses.

Not-for-profit independent energy experts Renew, have created a Getting Off Gas toolkit to help you plan your switch to go all-electric at home. Use our Go Electric Action Plan to plan your steps to becoming a fully electric household.

Read about a leading example of a sustainable, all-electric home in Caulfield South

Install rooftop solar

Join the growing number of Glen Eira residents enjoying the benefits of roof top solar. Around 13% of Glen Eira homes have solar panels and this is increasing each year.  

With current Victorian Government rebates, your solar system could pay itself back within three to five years (without batteries).  

Glen Eira City Council is part of Solar Savers, a local government initiative helping residents and businesses to install quality and affordable solar systems from accredited installers. Solar Savers will also help you access government rebates and loans. 

Go all-electric

An all-electric home powered by renewable energy is healthier, cheaper to run and dramatically cuts your household carbon emissions.  

You can be part of the growing movement to ‘electrify everything’ by switching to all-electric, efficient heating, cooling, hot water and cooking.  

By making the switch you could save hundreds each year in gas connection and supply charges. You’re also contributing to cleaner air and avoiding the health and safety risks of gas in the home.   

In addition to installing solar, there are three main ways to create your all-electric home: 

1. Switch to efficient electric heating

Planning the switch to a gas-free, electric heating system is important, as this choice usually locks in your heating for over a decade. Check out Renew’s guide to electric heat pump and hydronic heating.
You can take up
attractive rebates from the Victorian Government to upgrade older gas, electric and wood heaters with energy efficient reverse-cycle air conditioners. 

2. Switch to electric heat pump hot water  

Now is the time to plan for when your hot water system needs replacing so that you can readily make the switch to an efficient electric heat pump system and help cut your bills.  

Check out Renew’s guide to heat pump hot water systems and access generous rebates from the Victorian Government for solar hot water and electric heat pump systems. 

3. Switch to electric induction cooking  

Induction stovetops heat food rapidly while leaving the surrounding surfaces cool to touch. You’ll also avoid reduce the health risks of inhaling emissions from gas stoves. 

Check out Renew’s guide to induction cooktops to plan your switch to efficient, gas-free cooking. 

Improve home energy efficiency

  • Borrow a Home Energy Kit
    Home Energy Kits are free to borrow for Glen Eira library members. These kits contain a thermal camera, a Power-Mate (energy monitor for appliances), a thermometer and a manual to help you use the kit. The kits are designed to provide the information needed to reduce your environmental footprint and energy bills. Read the kit manual here.
  • Use a free energy monitor
    You can get a free in-home energy monitor from a Victorian Government accredited provider. Use Powerpal to connect your electricity meter to your smartphone and track the energy your home uses in real time.
  • Upgrade appliances
    Through the Victorian Energy Upgrades program, you can access discounted efficient electric appliances and products. An eligible range of products is available through accredited businesses, including hot water systems, efficient electric heating and cooling, lighting, draught proofing, fridges, freezers, and clothes dryers.
  • Improve insulation and seal draughts
    In a typical Victorian household during winter, around 38 per cent of a household’s energy bill is spent on room heating. It makes sense to improve insulation and reduce draughts to hold more heat in your home during winter.

    Renew’s draught sealing and insulation guides provide helpful advice on various products. Through the Victorian Energy Upgrades program, you can also receive discounts on weather sealing, window glazing, and insulation.
  • Learn from others
    There are endless resources available to help you on your journey to a more efficient, greener home.

    The My Efficient Electric Home Facebook group has over 100,000 members with expertise and experience in creating an energy efficient, all electric home. Post any questions there, and you’re likely to get a friendly response quite quickly!

Buy clean and cheaper energy

All Victorian households can obtain a $250 Power Saving Bonus by using Victorian Energy Compare to check for a better deal on gas and electricity. Users can typically save $330 a year by comparing and then switching energy retailers. To reduce carbon emissions, select the option 'Show Green Offers' to find electricity companies that offer 100% GreenPower. 

GreenPower is an Australian Government scheme that accredits grid-supplied renewable electricity generation. When you choose to buy GreenPower, your electricity provider purchases an equivalent amount of electricity from accredited renewable sources, such as large-scale wind and solar. Ask your electricity provider for their 100% GreenPower offer or find a GreenPower provider.

The Green Electricity Guide by Greenpeace ranks Australia’s electricity companies from cleanest and greenest to the largest polluters. You can use this guide to choose an energy provider that is committed to clean, renewable energy and ending fossil fuel use. 

Move to electric cars and bikes

Electric cars run on electricity rather than petrol or diesel, and can be zero emissions if 100% renewable electricity is used to recharge the battery. They are cheap to run, need very little maintenance, and reduce air and noise pollution.

To help plan for your next car to be an EV, see the Electric Vehicle Council’s detailed list of EVs available to buy in Australia and cost calculator. There is also an Electric Car Discount from the Australian Government.

Council and other parties continue to roll out electric vehicle charging stations for public use. The stations installed by us are powered by 100% renewable energy from the Victorian Energy Collaboration. Visit PlugShare to find public charging stations across Glen Eira.

Electric bikes can be a great alternative to using a car and for riding distances that feel too far on a push bike. Check out Choice’s article, How to buy the best electric bike.

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