Garden sustainably and grow food

Whether you’re a beginner or an old hand, have a huge garden or live in an apartment, there are many ways you can garden sustainably and grow food.

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Free gardening workshops and related events

Together with our partners, we run regular gardening and sustainability-related events, including skills-based workshops and community planting days. Sign up for our Sustainability and Gardening News to stay up to date.

Gardening videos and webinars

You can access our gardening related videos and the My Smart Garden program has a comprehensive range of ‘How-to videos’ and gardening workshop recordings. Every sustainable gardening topic is covered from food, shelter, habitat, water and waste.

Indigenous plants

Plan your biodiverse habitat garden using our Guide to Indigenous plants of Glen Eira. You can order hard copies of the guide by emailing Inexpensive Indigenous plants are available from not-for-profit nurseries in our region: Bayside community nursery and Bili nursery

Community and laneway gardens

There are four community and laneway gardens in Glen Eira. Run by community members, they welcome visitors through regular open days and other events.

Composting and worm farms

Through home composting or worm farming you can produce valuable fertiliser and cut the amount of waste going to landfill. Learn how to turn your food scraps into soil improver and access heavily subsidised worm farms and composting products.

Free mulch

Improve the health of your garden with our free mulch available to residents from the bay at Glen Huntly Park. Find out more about the benefits of mulch and how to access the free mulch.

Little Seeds and Reads Libraries

Across our city you can discover Little Seeds and Reads Libraries offering free books, seeds, produce and other gardening materials for people to share.