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Street performers and buskers permit

  • No street performing (busking) is to be carried out within the municipality of Glen Eira without holding at the time of performance a current Street Performers’ Permit signed by and produced at the request of a duly authorised Council officer.
  • Performers must be 16 years of age or over at the time of application. Exceptions may be made if the application is supported by an adult and this adult is present at all performances given under the terms of the Permit. This adult may or may not be one of the performers for whom the permit is sought.
  • Street performing is only to be conducted between the hours of 9am and 5pm, on Friday or Saturday, unless expressly permitted by Council or appropriate officers at other times.
  • No street performer may obstruct any footpath, carriageway, shop entrance and/or exit or other public or private thoroughfare. The space occupied by the performer and all equipment should be in accordance with Council’s Footpath Activities Guidelines directly adjacent to the shopfront or other appropriate boundary or unless otherwise approved by Council.
  • The street performer(s) must obtain the permission of the shopkeeper(s)/trader(s) with the premises directly adjacent to the performance area before performing and must cease performing immediately if requested to do so by the same.
  • Performance location must be changed at least every two hours, unless otherwise approved by Council officers.
  • A suitable receptacle for the receipt of public donations can be placed within the performance area.
  • No active soliciting of money from the public is permitted.
  • No selling of tapes, printed matter or other items is permitted without the express approval of Council.
  • No electronic amplification of musical instruments is permitted.
  • Permits are current for four months only from the date of issue. Re-application will be required from performers who wish to renew their permits

The Council reserves the right to revoke any permit issued to a street performer by the City of Glen Eira without notice in the event of any breach of these conditions.

Note: Performances on privately owned undercover shopping centres are not under the jurisdiction of the Council. Permission to perform in these locations should be sought from the appropriate shopping centre management.



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