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Street numbering

Clearly displaying the number of your property ensures that everyone, from friends to tradespeople and the postie, can find you.

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How we assign street numbers

We assign street numbers in line with the:

We will not assign street numbers based on personal preference or any reason that does not follow the Standards.

What is my street number?

Your Council assigned property address will be on your rates notice. Make sure the street number on your rates notice matches the number on your letterbox.

When these don't match, this can cause:

  • confusion or delays for emergency services
  • issues for service connections and providers
  • failure in receiving mail and deliveries.

Displaying our street number

There are several suitable places to display your street number, including:

  • on your fence/gate
  • on your letterbox.

Clause 71(2) of the Community Local Law 2019 requires you to maintain and display your property number so it’s clearly readable from the road.

Can I change my street number?

We will not approve requests for street number changes that conflict with the Standards or:

  • when a number is unlucky or lucky
  • for personal preference
  • when you have been incorrectly advised the property was a different number.

Request a street number change

Street numbering for new properties or subdivisions

We will provide you with a street number confirmation letter once we receive:

  • a building permit (and endorsed plans) from a registered Building Surveyor
  • a Subdivision permit from a licenced Land Surveyor.

Your builder or service provider (water, gas, electricity, etc.) may need this to connect the metering or service connections.

If you are still unsure of your street number or need a confirmation property address, contact our Property Data Administrator on 03 9524 3333 or property@gleneira.vic.gov.au  

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