Skip bins on Council land

You must get a permit before putting an industrial waste bin or skip on council land. We assess each permit application individually, based on things like public safety, drainage and potential damage to roads.

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If you place a skip bin on Council land without a permit, you may receive an infringement notice with a penalty of up to $250.

I’m a resident

You need a permit if you’re putting a skip bin on a nature strip, road, road reserve or any Council reserve. You can usually arrange this when you order a bin with a reputable supplier.

You don’t need a permit if you place a skip bin in your property driveway or on private land.

I’m a bin supplier

Your bin company must make a formal agreement with us. From there, you’ll receive a Local Law permit.

Your business can apply for permits online, but you must register to apply online first. You must also provide evidence of public liability insurance with minimum cover of $10 million and an agreement to maintain the cover for the period of the permit.

The location of the skip bin must comply with the requirements of VicRoads Code of Practice for the Placement of Waste Bins on Roadside.

For further information, contact our Civic Compliance Unit on 9524 3333.