Overhanging trees and property hazards

Overhanging trees and hazards like rubbish and overgrown grass can cause problems for other people, and make your property look unsightly.

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Your responsibilities

Trees and shrubs

As a property owner, you’re responsible for keeping trees and shrubs under control so pedestrians are safe and drivers can see clearly.

Trees must be trimmed to provide clearance up to a height of three metres above any part of the road used by pedestrians and, at least, vertically in line with the property boundary. Shrubs must not protrude beyond your fence line or encroach onto the footpath.

Overhanging vegetation

You’re responsible for pruning overhanging vegetation. Once you've done this you can book our bundled branch collection service.

You can also arrange for an authorised contractor to prune and remove the vegetation by downloading our Request for Council to obtain a quote for overhanging vegetation (PDF, 79KB).

Property hazards

Rubbish and overgrown grass poses a potential fire hazard and is detrimental to the amenity of your street.

Please ensure you keep your property tidy and well maintained.

Penalties for non-compliance

If we send you a notice asking you to trim trees or shrubs, or remove hazards like rubbish or overgrown grass, you must do so within 14 days.

If you don’t comply with this deadline, you’ll receive a Notice to Comply giving you 10 more days to complete the work.

If you still don’t take action, we may issue a $250 Infringement Notice and engage a contractor to complete the necessary work. You’ll be responsible for the contractor’s fees.