Independent living units

We provide low-cost rental accommodation for financially disadvantaged older persons in Glen Eira. There are 64 independent living units across three sites, consisting of bedsitters and one-bedroom accommodation.

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Can I apply?

If you're an active older person who doesn't need daily help and can care for yourself, an independent living unit could be ideal for you.

To be eligible, you must:

  • be at least 60 years old
  • be able to live independently
  • be receiving a full Centrelink or Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) income support pension
  • have lived in Glen Eira for at least two years
  • have no more than $30,000 in assets
  • have not owned a property in the last five years.

We also give priority to people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

How much does it cost?

Depending on your financial situation, you'll pay either the market rent of the property or get a rent discount (rebate).

Market rent

Market rent is:

  • calculated based on the value of the property
  • reassessed each year

If your market rent changes, we'll let you know in writing.

Applying for a rent discount

When you apply for housing, we'll check to see if you can get rebated rent. To get the rebated rent, each person living in the home must provide a:

  • statement of income - you can get one from Centrelink or your employer
  • statement of assets - include your bank statement and details of other investments.

If your circumstances change after you apply, please contact our Service Centre on 9524 3333.

How do we work out the discount?

We consider two things when deciding your discount: 

  • the rental amount that you must pay to qualify for the full rent assistance entitlement (set by Centrelink)
  • 25 per cent of any other household income that is above your basic pension amount. It doesn't include exempt allowances such as Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. 

When do we review your discount? 

Twice a year at the same time as your pension adjustments. If you receive a Centrelink pension or benefit, you don't need to tell us as the change will happen automatically. 

You can apply to the independent living unit by contacting our Service Centre on 9524 3333.

What if my income goes down? 

You must let us know immediately if your income drops, as your discounted rent only starts from the date you tell us. 

What if my income goes up? 

If you're getting discounted rent and your income goes up, you need to let us know. You may need to pay market rent. 

Apply now

Download and complete the Independent living unit application form (PDF, 138 KB) and send to

If you're eligible, you'll be put on a waiting list and we'll let you know when a place becomes available. If you have any questions, call us on 9524 3333.



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