Household garbage bin (red lid)

The red waste bin is collected every second week.

The red waste bin is collected every second week

As well as green waste and recycling, there are other items that cannot go in the red bin, like hazardous and electronic waste. Use our online A-Z Rubbish and Recycling Guide to help find the best place for your waste.

✔ Yes ✖ No
Household rubbish (non-recyclable) ✖ Recycling
Ceramics, crockery and glassware Garden waste 
Plastic bags Soil or ash
Plastic wrap and cling wrap ✖ Building materials 
Polystyrene Medical waste eg. syringes
Nappies (wrapped) Electronic waste (batteries and electrical appliances)
✔ Pet waste and kitty litter (wrapped)  
✔ Shredded paper  
✔ Baking paper  
✔ Compostable packaging  
✔ Coffee cups (including lids)  
✔ Tea bags and coffee pods  
✔ Long life cartons and tetra paks  
✔ Disposable cutlery and plates (any material)  
Used paper towel and tissues (if you are in self-isolation, unwell, or have been in contact with someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19)