Thank you — your hard rubbish collection has been booked

No confirmation email is required. There is no need to wait for a confirmation email – once you have submitted your booking it is in our system and we will collect your items on the next collection day.

When will my hard rubbish be collected?

Council's contractor will collect your items on your next weekly bin collection day.


Place your items out after 4pm the night before your collection or before 6am on the day of collection.


Please note: it does not matter if it is recycling bin or general waste bin week, hard rubbish collections will occur on the next day any bins are emptied.

Check your collection day

Visit the Near Me search tool and type in your address to find out which day of the week bins and hard rubbish bookings are collected in your area.

For the date when your hard rubbish will be collected, look at the date given for the ‘Next green bin collection (food and garden waste)’ search result.

If your booked collection day falls on a public holiday, it will be collected one working day before or after your normal collection day. Check the hard rubbish page for notifications. 

Hard rubbish guidelines

Your collection must be under four (4) cubic metres in size so that your collection will not be rejected.

If you need a reminder of what we will collect as hard rubbish, please check the ‘we will collect’ list on the Hard-rubbish-branches-and-cardboard page.

Cancelling a booked collection

You can cancel your booked collection by calling Customer Service during business hours on 9524 3333. Please call before the scheduled collection date.

You cannot cancel your booking if it is on the same day as your scheduled collection.

Any booking not cancelled before the collection date is included as one of your 3 free booked collections for the financial year.

For waste enquiries check our Rubbish and Recycling page or for any other enquiries, contact us.