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Smart City Roadmap

Leveraging technology, data and innovation for a thriving, inclusive and sustainable future.

Developed in collaboration with the community and local stakeholders, our Smart City Roadmap has now been endorsed by Council.

We were pleased to see hundreds of people participate in the creation of this Roadmap, sharing their ideas, priorities, concerns, and how we could work together to improve liveability, sustainably, proactivity, and collaboration in Glen Eira. Some of the key community priorities being worked on in this Roadmap include improved resource management, city mobility, safety and health services, and continuing to work with a transparent and hands-on Council 

By applying key smart city principles, we will be able to build on these foundations to create and enable smart city processes. These core principles will help to enable valuable outcomes for the community and focus on coordinating our smart city activities. 

Smart City Glen Eira — A future-ready, data-smart, and tech-enabled Glen Eira | Outcomes: Future community, Future economy, Future environment, Future place, Future mobility | Enablers: Communications and participation, Inclusion and trust, Innovation, Partnerships, Capability and capacity, Leadership, Planning, Data management, Smart services, Technology foundations | Principles: Collaborative, Ethical, Proactive, Skilled, Resilient, Inclusive, Human connection, Safe | Smart City Ecosystem: Industry, Developers, Residents, Retailers, Education institutions, Contractors and suppliers, Glen Eira City Council, Businesses Community groups, Other governments.
Our Smart City: Principles, Enablers and Outcomes.

To help further this, we are in the process of developing an Implementation Plan. This document will work alongside the Smart City Roadmap to enable its adoption and work internally to focus on governance and capabilities. It will aid in directing council actions and activities and will help build understanding and promote maturity across our systems and processes.