Point of Discharge Report

Are you looking to do building work that involves a stormwater drain? You should find out if you need to complete a Point of Dischange Report.

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What is a Point of Discharge Report?

A Point of Dischange Report maps out the legal point of discharge from a property. The legal point of discharge is a Council-specified place from where a property's stormwater must be let out. It’s usually a stormwater drain/pit, where available, or a street kerb and channel.

This report also advises the direction in which to connect stormwater runoff from a building.

Do I need a Point of Discharge Report?

You need a Point of Dischange Report if you’re applying to do building work that includes a stormwater drainage system. Your building surveyor must also consider this report before issuing a building permit.

Please note: a Point of Dischange Report doesn’t give you permission to carry out the connection. It also doesn’t provide a plan of stormwater drains on your land.

What is the cost of the Permit?

Permit fee: $155.34

Can I apply online?

Yes, you apply for a Point of Discharge Report online.

If you haven't used our ePathway site before, please register to apply for permits online. When we approve your registration, we’ll send you a confirmation email.

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There may be extra fees for the bond amount during the application assessment. An officer will advise you of any changes.