Demolition consent request (Section 29A)

When you apply for a building permit to partly or completely demolish a building, you may need consent to the demolition. This is called Section 29A consent.

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Do I need a permit to demolish a building?

Under Section 29A of the Building Act 1993, you need our report and consent to demolish a building if:

  • all demolitions finished or permitted within three years of the application add up to more than half of the entire building, or
  • the demolition is of any part of the facade of a building.

Please note: a Section 29A consent form is not the same as a building permit.

How do we decide?

When we receive a Section 29A request, it is referred to our Urban Planning Team to decide if you need a planning permit as well as a demolition permit for the demolition. If you need a planning permit, our Urban Planning Team will verify that it has been issued.

We will approve a Section 29A consent request if:

  • we've issued a planning permit for the demolition, or
  • if you don't need a planning permit to demolish.

We will refuse a Section 29A consent request if:

  • you need a planning permit for demolition and no such permit has been issued, or
  • the proposed demolition is different from the extent of demolition approved in the planning permit.

We're unable to issue Section 29A consent if:

  • we're not the responsible authority for the land
  • the Minister for Planning has issued a planning permit 
  • the permit was issued under the Heritage Act 1995.

What is the cost of a demolition consent request

Demolition consent request fee: $91.40

How to apply

You can apply for a Section 29A Certificate online.

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Please note: allow 15 business days for a Demolition consent request to be processed.