Building plan or document request

Do you need access to plans of your building or property? You can apply online for a range of building plans and documents.

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What can you provide?

The building plans we can provide include:

  • architectural
  • structural
  • building specifications 
  • building computations.

The building documents we can provide include:

  • building permits
  • occupancy permits
  • warranty insurance certificates
  • soil reports.

What is the cost of building plans and documents?

  • Building plan fees (residential): $230
  • Building plan fees (commercial): $230
  • Building documentation fees: $230

The above fees are for us to search for the documents requested and not for copying them. These fees are non-refundable even if we do not hold your requested documents.

Can anyone apply for building plans or documents?

Under regulation 50 of the Building Regulations 2018, we can only give you this information if you're the property owner, or have written authority from the owner. 

You can apply for copies of building plans and documents online. The plans or documents will be sent to you within 10 working days.

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