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Adjoining owners detail request

Building works can have an impact on adjoining properties. To ensure that works don't affect or damage adjoining properties, you may need to request your neighbours' details for protection works.

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How do I know if protection work is needed?

When applying for a building permit, you or your agent must give the following information to the relevant building surveyor:

  • the location of the works
  • how the works will be carried out
  • the location of of buildings on adjoining allotments.

From this information, the relevant building surveyor will decide if you need to apply for adjoining neighbours' details regarding protection works.

What are my obligations?

If the building surveyor decides that you need to apply for adjoining neighbours' details regarding protection works, you must:

  • serve a Protection Work Notice on the adjoining owner
  • get a contract of insurance
  • prepare a survey of the adjoining property
  • pay any related expenses.

What are the adjoining owner's rights and obligations?

The adjoining owner has the right to:

  • agree or disagree to the proposed work
  • request further information
  • seek reimbursement for any reasonable expenses incurred while protecting their interests.

The adjoining owner must:

  • respond to the Protection Work Notice within 14 days
  • help the property owner prepare a survey of their property before work starts

Please direct any questions on specific obligations and rights to the relevant building surveyor.

How to apply

To apply for adjoining neighbours' details regarding protection works, please download and complete our Request for adjoining neighbours details regarding protection works form (PDF, 77KB).

You must also ensure that the relevant building surveyor signs the form and that you submit a Section 80 to us (we won't release the details without a Section 80).

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