We carry out a range of building inspections related building permits, building safety, illegal works and essential services. We also have the authority to issue infringement notices.

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Types of inspections

Our officers conduct:

  • mandatory inspections relating to building permits
  • pool safety barrier inspections
  • smoke alarm inspections
  • safety inspections to ensure you're maintaining essential services such as fire safety equipment and exit lighting
  • inspections on proposed subdivisions to ensure proposed buildings comply with fire and exit regulations
  • inspections on complaints of illegal building works
  • after hours emergency call-outs on dangerous buildings.

Do I have to pay for inspections?

Some inspections incur a fee, which is incorporated into your application fee. You must also pay additional fees for additional inspections.

Inspections relating to public safety or complaints are part of our general building standard enforcement responsibilities, as required by the Building Act 1993.

Can I be fined for breaches?

Harsh penalties apply to individuals or corporations if an owner is found guilty of an offence under the Building Act.

Failure to pay outstanding fines or comply with a building infringement notice may lead to court action.