Complain about a building site

Whether it's a major project or home extension, building sites must comply with a range of laws to ensure they minimise disruption to residents and the community. If you think a building site isn't meeting its obligations, you have the right to make a complaint.

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Noisy building sites

Noise pollution on building sites disturbs around 400,000 Victorians a year. Most complaints relate to:

  • early starts
  • loud radios
  • excessive hours of operation.

Construction site noise is restricted to certain times depending on the nature and size of the development.

Most large building sites will have times of operation listed in their Construction Management Plan. For these times you can contact Council on (03) 9524 3333.

For smaller residential building sites, the allowable building activity times are outlined in the Glen Eira Community Local Law 2019. These are generally between:

  • 7am to 8pm Monday to Friday, and
  • 9am to 6pm Saturday.

Building Activity noise is not allowable on Sundays or Public Holidays without authorisation from Council.

If you want to report a noisy building site, please call us on (03) 9524 3333.

Building sites that cause traffic issues

Some building sites require a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) if they are impacting vehicle or pedestrian movements outside their site. TMP’s outline any temporary changes to traffic conditions, road and footpath closures and traffic detours.

If you believe a building site isn't complying with its TMP, please call us on (03) 9524 3333.