Why are restrictions in place?

It can be challenging to find on-street parking in parts of Glen Eira, especially around train stations, shopping centres and schools.

If you’re a resident, you may find it hard to park near your home. If you’re a trader, there may be limited parking for your staff and customers.

Our City Transport and Place Design Department investigates these issues and makes rulings on new and existing parking restrictions. We aim to provide a fair and equitable balance for all users, and only make changes after consulting with affected property occupants. We then need significant of support before changes occur.

Parking restrictions are generally considered necessary in residential streets when on-street parking is not available within a reasonable distance of your home. In such cases, we usually install a short-term restriction is on one side of the street (eg. two hour parking).

Residents sometimes request parking restrictions on both sides of their street, but this is rare because restrictions on one side usually provide adequate on-street parking.

In our commercial centres, we provide a mix of restrictions to suit the overall needs of the centre. This typically involves short-term parking restrictions, such as 15-minute, one-hour and two-hour parking, to ensure spaces are turned over regularly.