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Are you looking for help or support for you or your family? There are a range of support services available in the Glen Eira area, and from not-for-profit and Victorian government services.

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Programs and events

We run a range of programs and events to support you in raising healthy happy children, and strengthen community engagement.

Child safety fact sheets

Every week children present to an emergency department as the result of unintentional injuries, many of these could have been prevented through simple cautionary measures.

We have partnered with Kidsafe Victoria to support the health and safety of children and their families in our community.

Button batteries

Every week in Australia around 20 children present to an emergency department with a
button battery related injury — that’s over 1000 children every year. Children under the
age of five are at greatest risk.

Read the Button batteries fact sheet to find out more on:

  • products that contain button batteries
  • symptoms of button battery ingestion
  • how you can reduce the risk.

If you suspect a child has ingested a button
battery, don’t wait for them to show symptoms. Immediately call the Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26 for fast, expert advice. In an emergency situation eg. if your child is having difficulty breathing, call 000 for an ambulance.

Download the Button batteries fact sheet [PDF 416Kb]

Children left unattended in cars

Leaving a child in a car, even for a short period of time can be fatal. Every year in
Australia over 5,000 children are rescued after being left in a car.

Read the Children left unattended in cars fact sheet to find out more on:

  • risks
  • safety tips
  • summer traveling tips
  • what to do if you see a child left unattended.

In Victoria it is an offence to for a person responsible for a child to leave the child
unattended for any longer than is reasonable, without making appropriate
arrangements for the child’s supervision or care. This includes leaving children
unattended in cars.

Download the Children left unattended in cars fact sheet [PDF 507Kb]

Swimming pool safety

Despite significant reductions in toddler drowning deaths over time, drowning continues to be one of the leading causes of accidental death for Australian children under 5 years of age. Backyard swimming pools are one of the most common location where these incidents occur.

Read the Swimming pool safety fact sheet to find out more on:

  • the law
  • keeping children safe around water
  • how you can reduce the risk.

While pool and spa barriers can be effective in reducing the risk of drowning incidents,
evidence suggests that a large number of drowning deaths involve barriers that are
faulty, or non-compliant with Australian standards.

Download the Swimming pool safety fact sheet [PDF 297Kb]

Burns and Scalds

Every year over 1,000 children under 15 years of age are admitted to burns units across Australia and New Zealand. Most child burn injuries occur in the home, with the kitchen the most common place that these happen.

Read or download the Burns and Scalds Fact Sheet to find out more about:

  • Understanding the dangers for children
  • Safety tips around the home
  • First aid for burns and scalds

It’s important to remember to seek medical attention if the burn or scald is on the face, hands, feet, genitals or buttocks, is larger than a 20-cent coin or blistered.

E-liquids and Vapes

Many people are unaware that e-liquids – which are used inside e-cigarettes/vapes – are poisonous substances that can cause serious illness and even death.

Read or download the E-liquids fact sheet to learn about:

  • Understanding the dangers
  • Safety tips
  • First aid

Being aware of the potential dangers and implementing safety measures can help protect children from accidental exposure to e-liquids.

The effects of nicotine poisoning can come on very quickly. If you think your child may have been exposed to nicotine, you should call the Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26 straight away.

If the child has stopped breathing, collapsed, having a fit or anaphylactic reaction, ring Triple Zero (000) for an ambulance.

Support services in Glen Eira

Child and Youth Directory

A list of local services to help children, young people, families, schools, and agencies.

Visit the child and youth directory

Community Information Glen Eira

Can help you deal with issues around poverty, sickness, suffering, distress, misfortune and destitution.

Visit the Community Information Glen Eira website

Connect Health and Community

A not-for-profit community health provider offering services such as dental, counselling, physiotherapy, dietetics, podiatry, and speech pathology to children and adults.

Visit the Connect Health and Community website

Caulfield Community Health Service

Offers community and home-based health services and health promotion activities.

Visit the Caulfield Community Health Service website

MOIRA — disability and youth services

MOIRA provides a support services to people with disabilities and youth in crisis throughout southern metropolitan Melbourne and wider Victoria.

Visit the MOIRA website

Noah’s Ark — valuing children in their diversity

Noah’s Ark is a not-for-profit Victorian community organisation providing services and support to families of children with disabilities and developmental delays. They also support early childhood education and care services.

Visit the Noah's Ark website

Other support services

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