Become a family day care educator

Build your own business. Develop new skills. Work from home while caring for your own family. Being a family day care educator is a rewarding career.

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What is an educator?

As a family day care educator, you'd operate a family day care business from your home. You'd be self-employed but also get support from our Family Day Care Service.

Why you should become an educator

As a family day care educator, you can:

  • earn a financially rewarding income
  • work flexible hours and days
  • care for your own children while working
  • run your own business 
  • join a network of child care professionals
  • make a difference in your community.

Benefits of working with us 

As well as being rated as Exceeding National Quality Standards by the Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA), you'll have a range of great benefits including:

  • the ability set your own fees
  • a council with a good reputation and support system
  • experienced and supportive staff
  • fortnightly-processed invoices
  • help if people owe you money
  • access to free strollers and high chairs
  • social events twice a year
  • regular professional development opportunities.

Find out more or apply

For more information or to apply to become an educator, please call the Co-ordination Unit on 9524 3461.