Creation of our child safeguarding statement graphic

We collaborated with local artist Merindah-Gunya Bayley Mifsud to develop our child safeguarding statement of commitment graphic.

Children and young people are valued and respected members of our community and have the right to be safe and feel safe, at all times.

That’s why our child safeguarding statement of commitment is centred around respect, connection, safe people and safe environments.

We collaborated with local artist Merindah-Gunya Bayley Mifsud to develop a graphic that reflects each of these four areas: 

series of colourful dot artworks

Read more below about each of the artworks and the meaning behind them:

Respect (red)

The "U" shape symbols represent people, symbolising a sense of respect and collaboration. The intentional positioning of individuals facing each other within the "U" shape signifies mutual respect during collaboration.

Connection (blue)

Surrounding the large meeting place are individuals of varied colours and sizes, visually showcasing a powerful sense of connection and inclusivity. The varied representation around the meeting place underscores the significance of inclusiveness, fostering unity and shared experiences among people of diverse backgrounds and sizes.

Safe people (green)

The connection among the people is visually represented through their overlapping, emphasising the safety in their relationships. The intentional overlap signifies a sense of unity and mutual support, creating a secure and interconnected environment.

Safe environment (yellow)

Prominent meeting places serve as secure environments for children, symbolising a community's commitment to their wellbeing. In contrast, less visible and transparent meeting places that fade into the background are identified as potential threats. The transparency of a meeting place reflects its commitment to openness and accountability, and when lacking, concerns arise about the safety of the environment.


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