Do you want to support your staff to practice inclusion at work? YouMeUs — Achieving Inclusion is an online training program that promotes inclusion of people with disability.

About YouMeUs?

YouMeUs — Achieving Inclusion gives you an easy way to train your staff and volunteers in more inclusive workplace practices. You can incorporate it into your staff induction and orientation programs, ensuring they get an ideal introduction to disability awareness.

YouMeUs includes tailored training courses for:

  • leisure and sports centres
  • neighbourhood houses
  • community centres
  • men’s sheds
  • Council staff

The vision of YouMeUs is to:

  • promote understanding of differences in the community,
  • challenge public perceptions of stereotypes,
  • highlight the abilities of people with disabilities,
  • support inclusive communities.

Benefits of YouMeUs

YouMeUs is:

  • Free — you get a great training program for no cost.
  • Convenient — you can train staff when you choose to.
  • Practical — users can complete the training over a number of sessions.
  • Worthwhile — your staff will have more confidence in engaging with people with disability.
  • Hands-on — there are great videos and resources to support continued learning.

For more information and to access the course, visit the YouMeUs website

Who developed YouMeUs?

YouMeUs was a collaboration project between five local government areas:

  • Bayside City Council
  • Glen Eira City Council
  • City of Greater Dandenong
  • City of Port Phillip
  • Kingston City Council

For more information about YouMeUs, contact