Assistive listening devices at Town Hall

We have installed a hearing loop at our Customer Service counter at Town Hall. That means if you have a hearing aid equipped with a telecoil, you'll be able to hear our staff clearly and with less background noise. The hearing loop works by picking up our staff member's regular speaking voice and sending it to your hearing aid.

We also have a portable assistive listening system in the Auditorium, Theatrette and Council Chambers to help you out. This small FM receiver gets a wireless signal from sound equipment, like microphones, and sends clear sound to your headphones or hearing aid. If you're watching a movie or going to a lecture or Council meeting, ask one of our staff for a receiver so you can enjoy and participate without background noise. They're easy to use and don't need any special programming.

For further information, contact our Access and Inclusion officer on 03 9524 3333 or email 


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