Reconciliation at Glen Eira

Our vision for reconciliation is for a unified, respectful and thriving community that embraces Australia’s First Peoples for their experiences of the past, their resilience in the present and their aspirations for the future.

Our second Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) was endorsed in March 2022 and it demonstrates our on-going commitment to building a unified community that acknowledges First Nations’ peoples and values the important place they hold in our municipality.

Building on the successes and the learnings from our first RAP, this new RAP details how we will continue to build and learn from our relationships with Traditional Owners and Aboriginal and Torres Strait residents.

Importantly we will focus on providing even more ways for the whole community to better understand and connect with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures through events, training, workshops, schools, businesses and community groups. 

By increasing Glen Eira’s understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ histories and cultures, we will support the healing of past injustices and facilitate future prosperity of First Nations’ peoples through employment and business opportunities.

We invite you to join us on our reconciliation journey.


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