Living Safely Program

Glen Eira enjoys a high level of community safety. The Living Safely Program acknowledges that we all have a role to play in keeping our homes and neighbourhoods safe.

The Glen Eira Living Safely Program is a crime prevention initiative between Council, Victoria Police, Neighbourhood Watch, and the Glen Eira Neighbourhood House Network. Glen Eira enjoys a high level of community safety and the Program acknowledges that we all have a role to play in keeping our homes and neighbourhoods safe.

To help residents do this, the Program has specially designed the Crime Prevention Kit of practical tools and information on how to enhance your home and car security knowledge and practices.

In 2019, three of the most common crimes in Glen Eira were theft of items from cars, car theft, and home burglary. You can help drive down these types of theft by locking your car and home to make accessing your valuables harder, riskier and less rewarding for potential thieves. By using the Crime Prevention Kit and following a few simple yet effective steps, you can help keep yourself safe from these crimes.

With these tools, the Crime Prevention Kit gives you practical guidance on how to ensure your home and car as secure as possible.

The Crime Prevention Kit contains:

  • Glen Eira City Council’s ‘Home Security Checklist’ - Use it to increase the security in and around your home, including your car.
  • A wheelie bin sticker – Place it on the side (not the top) of your Council-issued bin – This will help you and your neighbours remember to lock your homes and cars, and show that your neighbourhood is serious about security.

To help Council improve the program, and to deliver similar programs for the community in the future, we ask that you please complete a short survey to provide feedback about the Crime Prevention Kit. A copy of the survey can be found here.

You can register for your FREE Crime Prevention Kit via the online registration form below or contact Council’s Customer Service Team on 9524 3333

On behalf of Council and the Glen Eira Living Safely Program partners, thank you for playing your part in keeping Glen Eira safe.

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