Five ways to boost your Facebook page performance

As Facebook becomes an increasingly more important channel for business, it’s also becoming more crowded. As a result, distinguishing your brand on the platform and getting a good return on the work you put into your page has become increasingly difficult. 

Here are five ways to optimise the performance of your Facebook page.

1. Post consistently

Posting content regularly is key to maximising audience engagement. One post a day is considered optimal and three posts a week is the minimum. Creating a content calendar is the best way to ensure consistency and makes it easier to both visualise and implement a campaign. Other factors to consider when planning your content include optimal posting times and the types of content that Facebook prioritises.

2. Cross promote across all of your channels

Interlinking your marketing channels is a simple way to unite your audience. Facebook enables you to provide links to your other digital assets (i.e. your website, email address, etc.) but you can also link your Instagram account to simultaneously share content across both platforms. Syncing your Facebook and WhatsApp accounts also minimises double handling when updating your business details.

3. Make a habit of checking your page insights

The data your Facebook business page produces is user friendly and provides valuable insights if you know what you’re looking for. To see how users engage with your page, go to the Pages dropdown on the left-hand side of your dashboard and select Insights.

4. Use the Golden Ratio

The best way to keep users coming back to your page and following your feed is by offering them content that they value. On Facebook, this usually something that entertains, informs, or offers an opportunity for self-expression. This type of content should make up at least 80% of what you post on Facebook, with the other 20% dedicated to marketing and promotion. That said, it’s still important to put a call to action at the end of the content you post to ensure engagement. There are ways of blending promotional material into valued content; sponsored stories for example, blends social connection and self-expression with promotion.

5. Offer interaction opportunities

At its core, Facebook is about networking between friends, but there are a number of ways to adapt this concept to strengthen your relationship with your followers, including:

  • Hosting a Q&A session on Facebook Live.
  • Getting the audience to engage using the polls function.
  • Connecting with other small businesses and niche audiences via Facebook groups.

Disclaimer: Council is not affiliated with any of the providers listed here. It is your responsibility to do due diligence and research the options and select the ones that best meet your business needs.

Last updated 30 March 2021