The LinkedIn teleportation machine: How to take your business anywhere

Are you selling to businesses but unsure how to reach out and engage more with clients? Are you a sole trader consultant or writer who is looking to broaden your business through strategic alliances?

Enter the global vortex of LinkedIn®, and discover how you can take your business anywhere, anytime, and on a shoestring budget. All it takes it a bit of know-how to maximise your reach.

Watch: The LinkedIn teleportation machine: How to take your business anywhere

Key takeaways

  • LinkedIn is a social media platform that helps users share business-related content, professional endorsements and recommendations, jobs, and other business content. The platform has 11 million registered Australian users, half of which log in every month. 
  • LinkedIn audience behaviour is distinct from their platforms. LinkedIn users spend time on work-related pursuits whereas Facebook users spend time escaping work. 
  • Key steps to starting a LinkedIn account:
    1. Identify your target audience (eg. suppliers, geographic area, or job role)
    2. Identify why your business needs LinkedIn (eg. brand awareness, audience engagement, content promotion, market research etc)
    3. Identify how to achieve your objectives (eg. increase sales, promote a product launch, improve audience engagement etc).
  • As Google often lists a LinkedIn profile at the top of search results, LinkedIn can act as a default personal web page. The LinkedIn mobile app also has a virtual business card function.
  • Audience growth on LinkedIn is essential to attaining business objectives. LinkedIn lets you convert your email contacts and email addresses into LinkedIn contacts. 
  • LinkedIn allows users to set up company pages as well as personal professional profiles. This can be a useful strategy as the platform makes it easy for businesses and consumers to connect. 


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