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Attracting people and businesses to our activity centres.

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The goal of the action plan

Our action plan goal consists of striving for 10,000 more jobs in Glen Eira by 2031, with a focus on creating the right types of jobs to suit our community.

Increasing local employment is the main goal of the action plan, with a target of 10,000 more jobs by 2031. This is based on the September 2019 end-of-year figures.

Fostering the right types of jobs to suit the Glen Eira community is key to its success. As such, a primary focus of the action plan will be on creating the right conditions and taking a pro-active role in attracting future investment in relevant industries and sectors.

Council is best placed to achieve this goal by nurturing the right economic conditions to make Glen Eira a great place to work, shop, visit and invest.

There are a number of exciting opportunities to achieve this goal. These are through connections and synergies with major projects Council is already undertaking, such as East Village and the Caulfield Station Precinct.

Why was the action plan developed?

With only 22 per cent of our working residents employed within the region, Glen Eira has one of the lowest local employment rates in Victoria.

A new economic plan to achieve greater job opportunities in Glen Eira comes at a key time of change and transition for our city.

Over the last few years, we have experienced seven level crossing removals with six new train stations redeveloped, a Melbourne-wide housing boom and a world-wide transition of the local job market, business demands and land uses. These significant, externally-driven changes present both challenges and opportunities which need to be proactively addressed by Council.

An updated City Plan — Activity Centre, Housing and Local Economy Strategy was adopted in February 2020, providing high-level direction and objectives. This action plan provides additional detail about how the objectives will be achieved, including connections to major projects being undertaken across the municipality.

The action plan

The action plan focuses on four main elements, whilst recognising there are many contributing factors outside Council’s direct control which require partnership with local business, industry and the broader community.

These four elements are:

  1. Small business – connected and supportive places to work and do business
  2. Local jobs - attractive places to invest
  3. Place making - vibrant places to shop and meet, and;
  4. Destinations - exciting places to visit.

You can view the full action plan.

If you have questions regarding the action plan or its implementation, you can contact Council's City Economy and Place Making team on cityfutures@gleneira.vic.gov.au or 9524 3333.